Renewable Energy and Energy Recovery

Many Food processes are highly energy consuming. Energy consumption is affecting costs and climate. Moerdijk is experienced with reduction of energy consumption, recovery of waste energy and the utilization of sustainable energy like biogas and wood chips.
Moerdijk provides studies and projects for the production of Biogas by Anaerobic Digestion of waste product, Utilization of Biogas for co-firing on boilers, gas engines or for Green Gas production.
We are resourceful to recover energy from processes and the reuse of energy in other processes.
Popular is the Re-use of waste energy by means of Energy couplings between companies to reduce the total energy consumption, reduction of Greenhouse gas and improving their Sustainable Image.
Moerdijk can support these idea’s with a quick scan, the check on availability of Grants, and feasibility plan up till a full realization of the project.

Very likely these types of Energy Saving projects will be supported by Government Grants like SDE+ and EIA.
This will greatly improve the feasibility of these projects and make more attractable to execute.
Moerdijk is able to quickly visualize the potential savings of these possibilities for you.

Do you think you can save Energy in your facility? Please contact us to talk about it!