Moerdijk is deeply experienced in the Food Business. The industry of Food Production is versatile and has special characteristics per country. The dynamics of the today market is forcing producers to maximum flexibility with new products and processes. While Quality Standards increase and competition is intense, you need all attention and focus on your business.
Food Processing contains many different technical and technological aspects that are collectively determining the quality and efficiency of a processing line or plant.
This requires an analytical approach in which Process, Quality, Logistics, infra structure, Energy and Utilities must be accurately matched to achieve the optimal result.

By our international experience and knowhow Moerdijk is able to deal with these complex situations and we help to solve these issues and manage these projects in a practical and flexible way and in close cooperation with our customers and their staff.

Strong Partner
Moerdijk is supplying support and management for your projects.
Greenfield or Brown field projects, modification or expansion of existing lines, improvement of efficiency and performance of lines or plants, Design and Engineering of processes and utilities, we take care of it in close dialogue with your engineering department.

Can we help you?
You have a goal in mind? The project frame work and roadmap have to be made.
That is where Moerdijk is offering support with:

So our skills and experiences are valuable both at Project Development as for the Construction phase.

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