Factory Climate, Energy and Utilities

Processes are characterized by Energy consumption and the effect on the climate in the close surroundings by emitting heat and moisture. Pipelines for utilities, ductwork for air handling, cable trays, walk ways, factory lighting, all these services need to perfectly serve and fit in the core process. Moerdijk is deeply experienced in designing and engineering of energy systems and utilities in the process industry.
We provide calculations and designs for heating systems, cooling and refrigeration of products, Site or line Energy-Balance, adjustments or expansions of boiler rooms, dimensioning of chillers, heaters and piping and prepare schemes and layout drawings.
The design of Steam and condensate systems, heating and cooling food processing and pump systems for factories is part of our daily work.

Trouble shooting
Do you have an issue with a Process, or maybe a question about the delivery of a technical system?
Probably there is an issue in your line or factory causing ongoing trouble or costs and which is threatening or disturbing the production efficiency?
Many times these issues tend to drag along and the organization gets used to the technical problem. Moerdijk will examine and analyze these problems for you in considering both technical and economic aspects.

Analysis of bottle-necks in Heating and cooling systems in process lines are often the initial contact with Moerdijk.
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Second Opinion
Moerdijk is providing support to customers with a Second Opinion of Technical Proposals and realized Technical systems.
We examine systems and processes whether they are ‘fit-for-purpose’ and will meet the requirements.